Monday, December 06, 2004


my silence in writing was not in any way a reflection of last week.

new job:
my last day with aadc was nov. 30. and i started working with ben at 6:30pm that same day. i was already punching holes for the kit of panaw sa kalinaw afte dinner, and doing collating and all that. doing errands already the next day, documenting in the afternoon, coordinating with different people, facilitating a group discussion last saturday. everything went so fast that it feels like i never really left any work. pumping feeling of adrenalin. work and more work coming my way.

amidst all of these, i am already thinking of livelihood for bangsamoro brothers and sisters. ben said that would be my field of work. i admit, the context would be a whole lot different. and lots of difficulties might me encountered along the way. but i am not about to give up without even trying. when i was praying for a new job, i asked god to give me something where i would be most useful. after the panaw conference, i realized god is directing me to this new thing. the people's quest for peace is something that needs to be supported. and i feel that having a good training in aadc would somehow contribute to this vision of ben.

and all of this, with no contract signed, no discussion of salaries. just a commitment and a desire to work with people more. fair enough i say.

new friends:
the best part of about tabang mindanaw is the people whom i am now working with. a bunch of good people. good in the dedication and the sincerity of doing their job well. and good in the personal meaning of it. people who are willing to be broken by exhaustion and to be healed by laughter. men and women who have taken up the cause of finding peace with people in war torn areas. moro and christian men and women who have faith in god that communities could rise above the horrors of war and move towards a brighter future for them and their children.

friends and co-travellers who dream a dream with community leaders and members. this is where the idealist meets the realist. where people converge together to feel good about making other people feel better.

add to that the willingness to have fun: to order more beer, to sing together, to hang out togther, to affirm one another. now i understand anj's dedication for her work. now i see a glimpse of the good things that TM wants to do. that is quite exciting i must say.

i think working with a new company is a nice way to end 2004.

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