Tuesday, November 30, 2004


friday night ended with a bleak look at the long weekend before us. after downing a few beers, and the prospect of a quiet three days ahead of us, i went home with mehane and jammed a bit till two am.

next day, saturday, i have resigned to two gimikless days, when anj awoke my gimik instincts with her text that she wants to go to mati with us. as if by clockwork, while doing the modules on financial ratios, i was calling she she, marlon, coordinating with beth and anj and mehane. and before the day was through we agreed to meet at she she's place next day at 12 noon for our mati gimik.

sunday, i woke up late after a night with new friends. i still can't believe it! mati, which took me and ninin almost six months to plan is coming true in a few hours. tsk tsk, pity though that she can't come with us. but adventure awaits so i must push on.

we finally left davao, she she behind the wheel, myra, mehane and myself with the new vols, beth and faith in tow. three hours after, we arrived at almost dusk in mati, with fers (myra's friend) greeting us with cokes, ube bread and fluffy bread. we hurriedly bought water, 1 kilo of tulingan (php50/kilo), nukus (php78) and the lamas, and other needed stuff we might be needing at the resort. fers told us that the beach is 30 minutes away -- cinco masao beach resort.

we found our way following fers' half brother danny on his motorcycle, and a young girl who is on her third year high school, which i did not get the name. no matter, i am more interested with the beach than to flirt with an electric chair.

the resort was nothing i have seen yet. the cottages jut out from the beach lined up one after another. the absence of the shore was compensated by small cottages for two that reach until the depth of the water is a good dive . wait, did i say good dive? i may not be an olympic diver par excellance but put together deep and clear sea water, and a plank and what do i have? turn upon turn of nerve wracking and blistering high air maneouvers.

the jump would start off with a pause, surveying the height, feeling the sea breeze blowing from the south, greeting the other side of davao gulf with awe. the knee would bend half-way and a moment to let the plank catapult the body into the air. with arms raised wildly, a scream or a gasp, the sight of oblivious joy, heart pumping faster and faster, the jump reaches a high point. then the body would stop for a nano second in mid air, and start its decent and it will all happen all together: the sequential and linear feeling of take-off becomes a mumbo jumbo of emotions and body movements that when the body touches the water, the only instinct is to blow out the air, packed tightly into the lungs. the first jump would usually wait for the feet to touch the ground, but as the body feels the decent among the bubbles and the lungs tightening and grasping for air, it would begin its upward climb. i could imagine the long climb up with the barrier of the surface serving as the thin line that would divide water into air. quite a trip, for the jump and all that followed, the journey was already all worth it.

but as if to give credence to the saying: "when it rain, it pours," the moon gave one of its most endearing performance in recent months through a moon rise. while, am not a luna fan, the moment was just magical as we tried to settle in our cottages and peered towards the mountains of davao oriental and experienced my second moon rise this year. i bathed at the beauty of the moment and remembered moments of attractions. how the unspoken word is more powerful than the outbursts of reason. how the warmth of a touch could mean more than a thousand words, how the look of wanting caresses the other person with invinsible hugs.

those were moments of wonder, like the moon shine. you just cannot explain it, it just happens, unfolding to possible realities of the "what could have been."

all that and the decibels of laughter, good food with good company surely made this out of towner one of the most memorable. seems like it was all planned to a tee. great to be there! and even greater to be here in mindanao. right here, right now.

i arrived home, thankful for that trip. i couldn't wait for the pictures to come out, and before the memory dissolve into the great storage of the mind, i write it down for posterity. i would surely go back to mati. it would be part of the mindanao package of good memories. but this seems to be a bit more special because it awaits the narration to someone who would be waiting under the moon by the beach.

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