Saturday, December 11, 2004

gitara, lapis atbp.

noel cabangon and joey ayala were in davao last night to promote their joint project: gitara, lapis atbp. i was with anj, maya, sonny and the rest of the IP coordinators. ninin, mehane, jerber, batch25 vols and other jvp davao alumni were also there. ben was also there, ate baicon and kuya james too.

it was a nice gathering of familiar faces i've met along the way.

as always, noel and joey were good. i mean yeah, individually they are one of the best in the music scene. but they seem better jamming together. precious moments when two well known filipino artists come together, the result is a synergy of talents, sounds, images and memories.

however, one very powerful image that i still remember last night was the state of education in the ARMM has become. the perils of poverty and war becomes more resounding when children are brought to the fore. and it becomes more bleak when the realization comes that not only is the present being affected, but the future is being brought to danger as well. war and poverty has propped up the percentage of the population who are not able to graduate in mindanao to almost half of the population, compared to only about 1/4 in luzon. what is more alarming is the almost 60% incidence in the ARMM.

noel's and joey's efforts are laudable. artists, donating a portion of the sale of their cd for a one month's school supplies for a kid in mindanao. it tells me that giving service is the most effective when they are done in the context of the person. it is a gospel of service that tells me that i would not need to go very far in order to serve.

but then again, it is still different when hearts are called to do the service needed. sometimes there is left no other choice but to follow...

at the end of the day, the plight of our sisters and brothers in mindanao (not to mention, the typhoon striken folks in quezon, infanta and real) is an invitation for giving that is extended to all. and we are compelled to work for its betterment in any capacity we can.

there is hope.

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