Sunday, December 12, 2004


three spoonfulls of ube jam was my sustenance for the day. now i am hungry. but my thought running in my mind has been seriously bugging me already, begging for a release. and so here i am, holed up in an internet cafe in nccc mall (that's ncc for you, if you're from davao). on my right is the wall, on my left is a lady checking her friendster. i can't help notice how she does side glances at me, she seems to be thinking that i am checking her out... anyway, not my type.

i just finished my part for the documentation of the panaw sa kalinaw conference last dec2-4, 2004 (damn, has it been a week already?). and like the stuff i wrote there, it kinda took about the same time for another aspect of being in TM sink in.

fivemay told me last night that LGSPA is now open for applications. finally, the first job that i have been waiting for in the past six months, has finally decided to open its doors, a month earlier than what edgar said. and finally, i have a new job, which is not with them. hehehe, i don't know how fate seems to tempt, but never give you what it intitally offers. it waits until all seems hopeless then springs up with a suprise that makes me want to say... "i want."

yes, i am now employed! the absence of a contract or orientation with admin officer doesn't make any difference. i am now working with an organization that has so much generosity to offer. stories of mr. dee and ben seems to inspire people to give more. and i am working with a different organization. in the last 11 days that i am here, i can safely say that the person is something valued in the organization. goals are achieved because persons are regarded highly. and even if goals are not yet achieved, the generosity of everyone to offer the extra mile, makes it quite a wonderful organization to work with.

back to the documentation. i have to thank the hands of fate on assigning me on that one. the seminar was very interesting, and i would not have sat through it all, if not for the assignment. majority of what i feel and know about peace building, quite frankly springs from that seminar. though still a bit hazy on most areas, my gut tells me that this is where i need to be at this point in time.

that was a very lame attempt to talk about the subject again, even i must admit.

my stomach must have been nagging my mind already. i need to eat.

anyways, i just wanted to say that the documentation of the panaw conference is also my way to get my feet back on the ground. i've been feeling kinda high lately. what with all those idealistic trip i've been having last couple of entries.
maybe finishing up with something would make me remember what being employed is all about. and probably, just probably, working with TM might make it all the more interesting.

welcome work!

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