Thursday, January 13, 2005

five things

yet again, i cannot seem to put a title to this post.

ate maco and myself finished early today. we just came from the three communities of dunguan and inged in barangay ugalingan, carmen, north cotabato and brgy. limbalod, datu montawal, maguindanao. in passing here are the pretty exciting stuff that happened:

1. ate patel for lunch. patel really rice topped with a little bunch of meat, usually chicken wrapped in banana leaves. when you begin to take it out after walking for an hour at lunch time, it would taste like the best meal you've ever had in years.

2. crossed a muddy road. wore my trusted tribu today, so was never the least afraid to get my feet wet. but the challenging party was getting the mud out of the toe nails... yech.

3. walked through fields of corn. it was like being in a maze of green, where the path twists and turns, the air a bit heavy as if the feeling of a nose before a sneeze... stuffy.

4. banana, corn and bj for afternoon snacks. astig, i still feel a bit stuffed. amidst stories of wacay, and the buzz of mosquito, we had a grand time enjoying, well what else but life.

5. a lovely pimple at my right cheek. damned it feels ugly and all ripe. i do hope it would soon burst.

now am looking forward to dinner with ate maco: mongos with dalag, and the rest of prince caspian's story.

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