Monday, January 10, 2005

jitters at home

i started this post with no title in mind. i cannot seem to put something intelligent for the title. i arrived home in davao today. feeling like it's my first time to be here. i dunno, but the butterflies in my stomach, just can't seem to find a flower to settle in. since the time i woke up this morning and as i write this.

if only testicles are like the indicator in barometers, they could have climbed upto my throat by now. i cannot seem to think of an explanation. i just know, i am nervous and to keep spirits high, i put in mind KD saying "parang ito na ang aking pangalawang first time." in my case, this has got to be my third first time of coming home from the holidays. so much different now from the first two.

maybe because, i've enjoyed the latest break so much. what, with naga, coffee at starbucks, seeing irene, getting back together with friends, more coffee, two weddings, xaymaca's and 70s bistro, dressing like a bit more of a fashionista, more coffee still, watching dvd hours on end, listening to good radio stations (jam 88.3, wave 89.1, joey 92.3, and yes even nu 107), endless bonding sessions with the family, more coffee, moving residences, the list goes on and on. it was time well spent. every minute counted in the last three weeks or so.

and now, here i am trying to get back into the grove. trying to write another part of my story with assisi and the communities that we journey with. funny, how i have been gearing up last week to be at this moment, only to find out my knees shaking, and my ass looking for a seat now that i am finally here. my yearning seems to have drained off, in place of it, a weird feeling of a new born. whatever that may have felt.

so there, just a quick post before ninin come's around. would be meeting for coffee later. hopefully, basti's could help.

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