Wednesday, January 05, 2005


is the brand of the computer monitor that I use here in the Ortigas office. a blank document of ms word has been open for the past three hours and I still cannot seem to put some words into it. here is a try.

its just that I feel like a fish out of water here. I was telling celeste yesterday how I miss going to the area, where the people are. if there would be a reason why I left aadc, it is because I have missed this very important aspect of the job that I like to do.

being in the office is just too detached from the people, whom dreams of development are made. it feels a little bit frustrating when I cannot put a face for whom I am doing a module, a report or even just an article. I have maintained, that for me to be at my cutting edge the object of what I do must be given a face, a name that I could offer what I am doing.

looking forward to the next three months. I have proposed to ben a bunch of activities until the end of March. I feel excited by the fact that there would be a whole lot of consultations with all of the communities under the project. I look forward to hearing their stories, asking questions with them and basically, pondering what else can be done in order to make lives better.

words cannot simply come alive without hearing it from the people who have seen the project unfold. being the newbie that I am, the opportunities of learning is just so immense that I cannot wait to have a greater taste to it.

gerry told me earlier, how he has come to stay with adfi for the last 10 years. and I marveled in his stories of doing good for communities. even if lives would not get better, at least for a moment, communities can look forward to something good if only all would work hard for it. I wonder where he got his staying power? there must be something in his work that makes something good out of him. there must be something there that would make a person stay with organizations.

I never can last for more than three years on a certain job. maybe something would be different in Assisi. maybe, a little bit of this, a less of that would help me make a lasting mark on this organization.

that is something that I would be discovering in the next few months. but I have a feeling that it would have something to do with the strengthening of the connection with the people in the area, more so with the esteemed colleagues that I would be working with.

I guess.

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