Tuesday, January 04, 2005

why write?

writing is one of the gifts that davao has given me. before my jvp year, I have never been the type to write things down, much less keep a journal. its probably because of my not so good penmanship that contributed to my aversion to it. it was when that I found myself alone in davao that sparks of inspiration to write started.

first and foremost it is a way of recording. I always said before that I would only be passing through jvp once in my life. and I want that experience to be savored even after 2002. I carried with me a notebook almost everywhere then. every inspiration or thought that comes, I have tried to jot each and everyone of them. those 10 months of being away for the first time proved to be the germination of creativity.

even if I was not able to write each and everyday, what I feel, sense, taste, at least for the majority of the year was written there. reflections, hilarity and things great and mundane of the experience was there.

after the year, I thought the bug would not bite me again. but I was wrong. May 2004 I figuratively picked up the pen again and started typing. writing, or should I say blogging, has become a way to express the angst, sadness and numbness and the life of a former volunteer coming into terms with the new life ahead of him.

it became a solace, a sacred ground of giving way to thoughts and emotions that are too precious to be discussed. at the same time, it invited readers to share and "carry the load." I have been blogging almost everyday in the past seven months. I think, at no point in my life have I written so much. I used to say that the jvp year was the highest point of my writing career. I was wrong, I was writing as if there is no tomorrow.

lately, the line, "reading between the lines" has been given a new and more endearing meaning. more so if the writer, deliberately does not write all that should be said. the mystery is even more biting, inviting, if symbolisms are used and the quietness of things unsaid is used sparingly. it creates the special solitude for the blog which is still for public consumption. it is the wink of the eye, that dances with the imagination. opening avenues of interpretation and to a certain extent, wonder.

in the young days of this writing impetus, I have come to look at life at varying levels. different levels of intensity, passion and being. was it plato or socrates who uttered the famous line: a life unexamined is a life not worth living? no matter, the point of the matter is that writing has been a way to examine life, a day at a time.

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