Sunday, January 23, 2005


makilala used to be a symbol of struggle and indifference for me. struggle of people to find peace. and indifference, because of it remaining just another municipality i pass through.

until yesterday.

i went with linette to the don bosco center in brgy. batasan and explored the hot and cold spring 45 minutes from the center. we visited a good friend of hers, betsy, who is also the ED of the center. since i would not be doing anything major on a saturday, i hopped the next bus to kidapawan and met linette there.

... that paragraph is not exactly a good write... o bother.

anyways, what captured the day was the sanggawan resort at the foothills of mount apo, makilala side. hot and cold spring seemed prepostorous. how can hot water and cold water come together, except in the shower rooms of expensive hotels? before the cynicism got the better of me, i let my feet lead the way.

we arrived with the drizzle in the mid afternoon. i found my cynicism funny. because yeah, the place is really a hot and cold spring. in this manner:

the water coming from the waterfalls was damned cold, but there are pools where water coming from the belly of mount apo is piped in. hence a hot and cold spring. pretty ingenous. amazing. at ten pesos for the entrance, damned cheap for a nice dip.

after eating suman and palitaw, we decided to get our money's worth and got our feet wet. swimming was out of the question, at least at this point as i have no trunks with me. anyhow, we found a dry spot where we could rest our tired buns and dipped our tired feet into the warm pool. relaxing and soothing as you can almost feel an invisible hand taking care of your feet.

the drizzle decided to come in a bit stronger. so we decided to wade in some more to the colder part of the spring. haha, it was like getting a quick bolt of shock to stick my feet into the cold. a kind of bringing back to reality.

we ended the afternoon with a grande of red horse, before heading back to the center. as it was almost four in the afternoon, we hurriedly said our goodbyes to betsy and to the center. i promised to come back. when? i guess i would not know... yet.

we took to our feet again, and just a few meters away from the center, we found this run down hanging bridge. our thirst for adventure was never quenched and we crossed the bridge... trip lang.

i had fun yesterday. i guess linette had hers too. and at this point what we are may just be told in the senryu:

two different persons
out to wander, out to explore
from within

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