Friday, January 28, 2005

what happened today

that title sounds like a title of a chapter from narnia...

anyways, there were two significant things that happened today. the first: i did my laundry. i can never remember anymore, when was the last time i did mine. ahhhhh, right now i remember, it was still in manila, before coming home to davao, before omar's wedding. but the manila thing was machine wash. so i really did not find it hard.

but this morning's load was lovingly done by hand. the last time i did that... that i could not remember anymore. seems like forever already, ball park guess, how about the time i last lived at the jvp house in earth st?

anyways, yesterday when i realized that i have to stay in kabacan for the weekend, i was already trying to deny that i have to wash my clothes by hand. i asked linette if there were laundry shops in kidapawan (none here in kabacan). i cannot simply bring myself back to doing laundry as of yesterday. i mean mader virgie was very good and efficient too in keeping my wardrobe free from grime, smelling good and you know crisp and nice ones.

but when i finally got down to it, three shirts, a polo, four boxers, two tubaos, i thought why am i trying to avoid doing this, to the point of almost hating it, when in the beginning (of my jvp year) i used to love it.

then i remembered, ruby thursday's post a few days ago. then yeah, i finally owned it - i love doing this shit. i mean with the water gushing from the faucet, the silence of the surroundings because of the concentration in making soiled clothes clean again, and having them smelling good in no time.

i loved the sound of the splish-splash of the water, the scruuush-smuuuush and the pwflk sound of the clothes when i wash them (how do you say, kusot in english?). it seems to have a life of its own, it draws me to a world of blankness. it creates a moment in time when i do not have to think, just be. be there where i am, with the suds, the clothes, the water and all.

and no matter how tiring it may be, or how painful my lower back after it all. the best reward is hanging them afterwards and smelling newly washed laundry. its one of my most favoritest smell in the whole wide world.

the only thing better than this smell is when it mixed with the smell of yosi. damn that was way too good. "smoking is so goddamn gud" - kublai.

the other significant thing: pizza lunch in kidapawan.

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