Tuesday, February 15, 2005


its not my ordinary valentine. because i suddenly felt that i have no need to greet anyone. well, lets see, i had five greetings yesterday (pathetic, compared to previous years). but there seemed to be more important stuff, like accompanying gerry, chambie and stuart at katanayanan. and the bombings in davao, gensan and manila (i know people in these cities) early last night, took away all the enthusiasm that should have been there.


to the five people i greeted, my replies usually ran along these lines:

happy balentayms day, at least our hearts continue to beat.

shit, i am tired. i just hope the cable comes on as soon as i get back to azaleas.

i think this point of view may have been influenced by my "i have what i need" state. simply put, it is the feeling of not needing anything (or anyone for that matter) more at the moment. for all the stuff (and the friends) that i need are already there. it is not the contentment state... maybe just the complacency stage.

haha, i love myself when i philosophize. it may not necessarily be correct or moral for that matter, but i somehow find it funny. i am starting to appreciate how dark my humor has been especially when i write.

ps. the title as a term is borrowed from kaladkarin

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