Sunday, February 20, 2005


two bottles at taboan, but back by midnight seems to have lost some its magic. i mean, they are still one of the better bands in davao, and probably one of the most unique too. imagine a lady trio, growling with system of a down, slapshock and deseased. not to mention their newer repertoire which include covers from metallica. not to mention their mean ass covers. heavy metal!

makes me think, where does the jehan (vox) get her growl, or how dice spunk her bass and how can suji maintain her white underarms...

anyways, last night doesnt seem a back by midnight night. so tat and i hied off to elevation. i have been meaning to get to this bar, since two weeks ago. heard so much about it, but never really got the chance.

we managed to catch the last five songs of mayo. i have to agree with tat, elevation is a personal bar. everyone seems to know everyone. so a new comer would easily be spotted. we managed to get a seat inside after waiting outside for mehane. loud music, small venue and cold beer, this doesn't come very often. i munched the scene with the band playing obladi oblada and c'mon aileen. classics, i have to say that have made a niche in my playlist.

i was enjoying myself most with the beer. i had my third bottle*, the normal sized (the 500ml one, not the stallion of mts, nor the litro in kabacan) red horse. damned good beer. i also think that made the hit as my speech became more slurred and my eyes seems to have been glazed with my lips pasted a permanent smile.

so glad to be home! in the meantime constantine awaits, i have a date with myself.

* three or six. that was how i predict my hang-over. simply put: hangover = less than three bottles, or more than three but less than six, or more than six bottles. therefore, for a good hit, for a drinking session, either i drink three bottles or six. otherwise... well i have to reach for the nearest alka seltzer.

so how do you predict your hang-over?

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