Thursday, February 03, 2005

gimik... with no beer

since the kabacan assignment thingy, i would often go home to davao looking forward to only one thing... beer. but maybe the red horse incident last sunday made my liver a little more wary... though "that' is another story.

anyways, as if i was in the mood for drinking last night. the night started with swimming with ninin. has been a long time since my last dip and my muscles hurt a bit this morning, prompting me to leave my wallet at home. realizing that i left it, only when i put my bag down at the office... darn...

we had dinner at yahong at the venue, our first restaurant that treated us with good food in our volunteer year. we have to agree that it is one of the few places where we can go if we want some good loving for our gastro desires.

to cap it all off, we had banana crepes at cafe breizh (read: cafe braz) and some drinks. she had coffee, i had dalandan honey juice. perfect for more conversations about those things that matter for both of us. subjects we have often talked about, starting in our jvp year up until now. those stuff that perplexes some logic. those that seems to be easily solved by just "going back to manila." motivations, more complications, and just enjoying the ride.

senti trip. looking at where we are now, trying to see what davao or the future holds for us. those stories that makes you wanna draw your breath once in a while.

i swear we could have talked all night. but the mosquitos seem to have given the que and started nibbling at our feet.

and as closed my eyes. i wondered, why... no beer tonight?

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