Friday, February 25, 2005

the woes of dennis roldan

dennis roldan is such an interesting character. he has been playing the bad guy in most movies that i remember. but he is not in the class of paquito and romy diaz, or max alvarado, or or dick israel. he somehow doesn't mix well with those "better" villains. something about the way his name sounds. can you remember of a bad guy whose first name is dennis?

there's dennis the menace, but he is not a bad kid. he is naughty, obnoxious to some extent. but not bad, he is even funny. the way he plays with mr. wilson, and the way his mom and dad loves him.

there's also dennis the chief. i call him chief because that is how we have come to call each other. he is the guy here in davao with really long dreadlocks. saw him in elevation last night and we got to nod to each other and say "chief." anyway, he is not bad too. he looks bad, because of his hair. he must also smell bad. but this guy is also cool. he was even the first one to talk to me in a jeep that we happen to ride together. i guess when you are always in mts, people get to know you, at least by face.

see, there is absolutely no bad guy that goes by the name of dennis!!!

the saying, "life imitates art" must have been true for this guy. his name would be in the papers (especially in tabloids) to say that he has mugged this guy. there was even one story, when he figured a fight with idol binoy. hahaha, that was funny. and there is also tado in strange brew, asking some helpless lady, "paborito mo bang actor si dennis roldan?"

aha! that's it. i know where the problem is!

he is a bad guy in movies and in real life as well. but not like rudy distrito, mr. roldan has no aura of being a bad guy. he is like the real dangerous ones. seems ok on the outside, but really rotten in the inside.

and of course his screen name is all wrong for him.

but at least he is not using his real name: mitchell gumabao.

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