Wednesday, February 23, 2005

the quest for dental floss

i ate nilagang mais last monday. i got something between my teeth from the corn. i did not mind it as i know food particles usually go away after brushing or eating or drinking.

but this food particle was just too damned stubborn, it survived dinner at taps last monday, three stallions and potato chips in whstltop. breakfast and lunch and dinner at muang thai, and pica pica at the jvp fun house in tuesday. even the breakfast this morning. and oh, did i also mention that i was brushing my teeth at least twice past two nights.

but the goddamned thing just fucked up and stayed!!!

excuse my profanity.

that is why i decided that i would get rid of it no matter what. a brilliant idea, i need dental floss. i really am not a fan of the floss because as far as i can remember it would make my gums bleed. my teeth are packed closely together that when i floss, it is very difficult to move through, and if it manages to do so, the floss would slip through and cause my gums to bleed.

damn, but i have to make an exception, at least just for today.

i left the ilawan office at right before lunch to give me enough time to get my mission. there are two dental clinics in anda (dilig and monday). but what do you know, they do not have it. i considered getting a prophylaxis instead but decided against it, as i am not yet ready to spend 400 at this time.

so i walked towards madayaw in rizal for the drug store there. no luck there. next stop san pedro hoping to get it from two more drugstores. sta. ana pharmacy and the other one doesn't have it. o well, pharmacies, they always do not carry what i need.

with the midday sun, this is getting pretty annoying.

i saw mercury drug... in the distance. but felt too lazy to walk further. made a detour to gs instead. i'm sure there would the floss for me be sold.

the attendant said that it was out of stock! shit tough luck. but i walked over to the counter and found some... finally, at php115?!?!?!?!

no way am not going to spend that much for this stupid particle.

but upon going back to the office i passed by a plumber. i asked him to come to the office around 2.30p to fix our leaking shower. that leak has been there for two weeks already and it annoys the sensible in me.

after jun the tubero left, i decided to try out mercury. passing by the UP campus in anda, the UP press caught my fancy and decided to take a quick look. found very intersting titles, like katigbak's happy endings and other short story titles that i would surely get back to.

my walk contained a little hop as i left UP and went towards mercury in san pedro. and there was the floss for me. at php60, what could i ask for more. chelle, the attendant was kind enough to give it to me without making me wait.

as a bonus, had a conversation with rustom. a street kid, trying to sell off his two sweepstakes tickets. he wore an f4 cut and was giving a spiel in a sing-songy fashion, about how the ticket would help him make it through the day.

my heart was touched, but i asked him where his folks where, and he told me all this shit about his auntie, making him sell the tickets for his baon tomorrow. kids never lie. i did not buy the ticket. plain and square.

but even if the dental floss proved elusive still, this day still deserves a blog. what with jun the tubero who fixed the leaking shower, the attendant at the up press, rustom, chelle who was extra nice.

maybe it is not so much in getting the goal, but it is still the other stuff that we find along the way, that makes the day, a little bit more interesting.

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