Wednesday, March 02, 2005

at 50

feb 26 went on just like any other work day. but in the far end of the world, lourdes school of quezon city is celebrating its 50th. (the pictures? click on the title). it must have been great to have been there.

i graduated at the 38th year of the school. i must say it has changed a lot. the pictures of the new wing, the new facilities and old classmates and batchmates attest to this change. here's a little something for the high school student in me.

at 50

old faces
pleasant memories
learning moments
victory and defeat
joy and pain
the classroom
that was then...

happy faces
lines starting to dig deep
beer belly burgeoning
taller, fuller, heavier
must have been great
to have been there...

hopeful faces
creating new memories
writing new stories
pushing the boundaries
going where no one has gone
going in where no one has been allowed
being fully alive
on to the next 50...

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