Thursday, March 03, 2005

that stretch of sea in sta. cruz

there is this stretch of sea in the municipality of sta. cruz that i always pass by when i go home to davao from kabacan. towards davao, its a few meters from the (un)bus terminal of sta. cruz municipality. i call it the (un)bus terminal because it is such a new structure, but there seems to be no concerned soul that regularly makes use of it. of all the bus rides to and from kabacan, only once did my bus pass by it. not even to pick up passengers but to let someone alight.

anyways, where was i?

the stretch of sea... yeah.

whenever i pass by that stretch, i feel excitement building up. it tells me that home is near. in a few minutes (or at least in an hour) i would be home to davao. i think the anticipation of something is equally important as to get that something itself.

probably, anticipation is what makes the waiting, and for that matter, patience, all worth it. it is hope in a can. a small dose of wanting that makes the home stretch bearable. and after more than two hours of artificial air, of waiting, of trying to sleep, of travelling, that stretch of sea in sta. cruz tells me that good times, or at best, rest and recreation are near.

and rightly so, because i am in a state of anticipation today. ninin and myself hatched a sinister plan to leave davao friday midnight to attend the kaamulan in malaybalay. sinister because it surely would be very tiring. and sinister too, because it is not for those who are too caught up in a lot of commitments. and sinister three, because me and ninin can also be caught up with a lot of commitments too. but we are going anyway.

yeah! excited already by the thought. feels like jvp year again.

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