Sunday, March 27, 2005

the bunny at the end of the day

i am an oddity this weekends of weekends.

i worked. i can almost imagine a capital letter L in bold on my forehead. no! i can almost feel it. let me check the mirror and see if its still there.

it was just my imagination. thank god.

but easter evening found me with a nice little smile. for even if my weekend was not exactly desirable, at least there were "perks" so i say, that somehow made bawi.... yuck coño! (but how can i translate "bawi"? daw beh, murag wala man diba?)

ben and i (hahaha, ben and jerry) arrived at paradise island in the afternoon, finding a whole lot of people, taking advantage of the last few hours before the last trip to the mainland. we also found the beach as if someone has drained the water. its no beach, its more of a dessert. but the dismal afternoon beach at least led to stories between me and my bossing. something that does not happen everyday. its good to hear about his plans. and its nice to know that someone hears me out of my shitty stuff about work and life in general.

that's the thing about the guy. works real hard, but when you take out the tons of things he had to do, you'll find a person who is as human as you and me. astig, idol!

shortly before i ended my day, i was treated to a wonderful view. the full moon against a cloudy sky, the city lights and a glimpse of davao gulf. its a nice feeling like that when i draw a deep breath. felt so alive. that's when easter finally came. the splendor right in front of me is so precious and tells so much of how alive that someone who created all of this. the christ in you and me is alive because he knows beauty.

had a chance to light a cigarette and get a beer and stand right in front of the railings in dencios sa hilltop. it was just magical and so alive. even if the food disappointed us, even if the singers are okray-able. somehow, at that moment, it didn't matter anymore. what was important is that one brief moment, just before the clouds covered the moon, that reminded me of who the hell i am, and what i can be.

western kids usually look for eggs with the easter bunny on easter morn. me, on my part, continue to look forward and celebrate the little things that make today always something worthy to talk and write about.

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