Friday, March 25, 2005

its not so bad after all

holy week is a season when i would not want to be caught at home. for the past three holy weeks or so, i have been somewhere else. in 2002, i was at mt. halcon and puerto gallera. '03 found me somewhere in leyte, samar and bicol, '04 in siquijor and dumaguete. and this year found me at home... or my second home at least. i am here in davao!

i was readying for the coming of boredom. i cleaned my walls for staring, and cleaned my bathroom at least twice, just so i visit it anytime i like and do whatever. i was ready for a few days of nothingness and bliss.

maundy thursday. i was wrong.

it was a restful day, with juday, piollo and batchmate leandro muñoz making our afternoon with kahit isang saglit. twas fun analyzing and over analyzing all those scenes, the way juday wore her clothes. thanks to chismis queen bok. she seems to be the "in the know" person when anyone talks showbusiness. amazing, all that knowledge, easily retrievable. husay.

the early evening found us, going around davao city and doing our bisita iglesia. it is holy week after all. we visited and toured a total of seven churches. with our not so new way of the cross, we moved from church to church. our route: san pablo (juna)-st. francis (maa)-sto. niño of prague shrine (shrine hills)-san isidro labrador (somewhere near pag-ibig heights)-presentine chapel (of the presentation sisters)-adoration chapel of the pink sisters and san lorenzo ruiz (talomo).

for all its worth. i was glad i did it. i am not a very religious person, nor do i consider myself spiritual. while i studied a lot of theologizing, somehow there is a lot to be desired of me as a christian. but somehow, i know that deep inside there is connection with my god. and the prayers, the silence the reflection somehow renewed that spirit of unity with him. i have often felt blessed, and last night was one of the times that i really felt being a dude of god.

and its nice to find that connection. lately, it has happened less and less. with work, and more work happily being accepted from here and there, one of the primary reasons for doing what i do seems to get burried with all that. and it is good to go back to why am i doing all of this adventure here in mindanao. it is because of this desire to be of service, to share the blessedness of this so called life with others.

somehow, all of the reasons of going and staying in mindanao seems a bit clearer. now i know why i have to do what i have to do. it is because of the god who asked me to be come a true human by being a person with and for others. and of course, it was also he that promised that he would take care of me wherever i go.

its a god experience i tell you.

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