Wednesday, May 18, 2005


i left davao for kabacan at the last available trip. it was a bus that sped its way right in front of sm. and today, i'm back!

fate must be on my side, because i have already conceded that i wouldn't be home for the premiere of the starwars episode 3 tonight, 10pm at sm cinema 6 (at php80 for the balcony seats... a real sweet deal). but no, friends of ben's are arriving tonight at 7pm from manila, thus, i was asked by maco to get them. and the best part is, she would be covering me for my activity tomorrow. whooh, am so glad, happy.

and so here i am!

the quote that is playing on and on in my mind:

"ang davao ay parang syotang napakahirap iwanan."

damn, if only i could stay here forever!

always glad to be home. my only problem tomorrow would be... you guessed it right, inertia.

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