Saturday, May 07, 2005


this is my second time online today. i kinda miss fast connection whenever i am in kabacan. now that i am in davao, i enjoy the blinding speed of the net. anyways, that is not the reason why i am writing. i am writing because i came across this heartwarming entry in cheh's blog.

ever since i turned thirteen, i have always greeted my mom on mother's day. it came in the most interesting and creative ways. somehow, apart from her birthday and christmas and new year's mom's day is one of the special days for her.

though, we were not always the best buddies, mommy and her first born have always been close. ever since i lived in davao, we would talk about some of the most difficult times of our family, whenever i get the chance to come by manila. our topics over breakfast mostly consists of her struggles of being a mom to five children. most of the time it was never really easy.

and i felt that those times that she has been misunderstood were also times in which she has loved us.

for the most part of my childhood, i never could really understand why we have to sleep in the afternoons. sometimes, she has to weild this red belt just so to make us go to sleep. she told us that sleeping is a good way to grow up taller and healthier. though, i never really turned out to be a six-footer. now i realize the value of sleeping, of resting tired bones. more and more, with the work that i do, i wish that i could get a few more hours of sleep on a bed. these days, either i wake up really early or wish that i am sleeping on a bed, not at the bus terminal or worse in a bus.

we would also get into fights because she could never read my hand writing. she was never really good at explaining things. but somehow, i realized the value of expressing oneself through these bouts. for in writing, no matter how good the message is, it could never really be understood if the way it is written is like "kinahig ng manok." bad news though, i still write like hell, but i have learned that the medium is as important as the message. with the people that i speak with everyday, i have tried to send what i mean exactly in the way that people would understand.

after college, we were never really cool with each other. we would find the simplest situations so that we can quarrel. she would nag, i would be obnoxious. she would remind me to come home early, i would come home, early morning. she'd never let me go climbing mountains because it is too dangerous, i would still climb and leave a note to her and dad assuring them that i'd be ok.

and for almost three years, she would ask me to come home to manila. and i would just smile, not knowing how i can tell her that i have found home in davao too.

and i just hope that i can just tell her how she is a good mother. because, well i turned out to be a good person. well, not exactly tarong as anj or do-goody-goody as other people, but i turned out to be a person able to make decisions and face life. i guess that is the most important gift that parents can give their children. that is to ready their kids into facing life, and having lots of fun while at it.

and looking at omar, getting married january this year. janet, melo and lyan already showing signs of their individuality, i guess she really did a pretty darn good job. with daddy, i think that they have already made their marks in this world.

my dad must be the luckiest person in the world, for having a witness to his life like mom. and not only that, the lone witness to her kids making it in their own ways.

happy mother's day mom

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