Friday, June 10, 2005


i got a text message last night. the number is not listed in my phonebook. it basically states a disappointment of one person over a mis-coordination of sorts.

to put it simply: we need to hire jeepneys for our activities next week. i contacted two groups to help me out. one of them gave me a price of php5k and we pay for the gasoline. the other gave a quoted a price of php10k. it was obvious that the first one could give better savings.

the only problem is:
they asked the same person.

panic button on... adrenaline pumping, red light flashing, siren blaring: damage control.

so i called up the person that both groups contacted and explained the whole thing. at the end, it turned out satisfactorily. but i still have to talk to the person who sent me the text last night. he sounded not so happy about the whole thing.

i hope i can inject a little humor to the whole thing. it was an honest mistake anyway.

funny how stuff turn out in community work.

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