Saturday, June 11, 2005

its all coming down

woke up at six this morning. had to call someone to get their confirmations. then dressed up quickly to get to the bank machine and withdraw some cash.

today is june 11, 2005.

a day before independence day. yeah, but my senses are all trained towards the 13th. the journey for peace. the thing, i have prepared since march is now in its final stretch.

i can feel a stiffy neck, my shoulders feel as if they are carrying the whole world, sleepy, caffeine and nicotine overdose. now, if that is not a state of stress, i do not know what is.

but for a brief moment last night, all of my worries went away. i just finished my last bottle of red horse and was lounging at marley's. started singing "land of the loving" (dianne schur, if you must know). and wallaah, everything went down the drain.

hah, singing a mushy song in a reggae bar! what could be more ironic than that?

pity it only lasted a moment.

now, i feel the stress once again.

got to go. ben just called and we need to go to kabacan now!

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