Tuesday, July 19, 2005

images of cotabato

top five favorite images as i do my going abouts in cotabato:

1. matalam rotonda. it looks like a giant pillar. cold, made of stone, a distraction to an otherwise straight road. but i somehow, got the liking for this landmark. it makes me feel that i am near kabacan at the beginning of the week, and makes me excited as it brings out a sensation that i am going home to davao.

2. the solitary tree on a pikit field. pikit lands are rice farms. and a tree that juts the horizon serves as a reminder that life cannot be all the same. no matter how even it is, or smooth sailing, or "the same" each and everyday. pretty soon, road bumps and rough waves would meet up and the "the same" would never be the same again.

3. rio del grande bridge in carmen. actually, i do not know what is the real name of the bridge. but it is supposed to be the steel bridge right after the concrete one, going to cagayan. i always catch a glimpse of it everytime i go to ugalingan. the water is always moving. something that i can identify with.

4. the sunset view from the highway at osias crossing. many times i have witnessed the sun draws near to the horizon hear. many times i had to stop by before crossing the street. breathless.

5. mini forest in amas. this is a rarity along the highway. it breaks the houses that troop the highways. refreshing and restful.

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