Saturday, July 16, 2005

where is the poor?

am just wondering, in this whole political hoolah-boohla, where is the poor?

they are not with the opposition. the united, and the disunited of them, does not even mention of the poor. even erap, who for his words "erap para sa mahihirap" has forgotten the very same people who put him into power. his, and his minions' main pre-occupation nowadays is how to grab power from gma. when i listen to the opposition, when i look at posters along the highway, the name of the poor is used like "para sa bayan, maawa ka gma: RESIGN."

but the sincerity is somehow lost in these very same words. for how can the poor benefit from a vacant position that can only be assumed by an apolitical leader like noli de castro. i have nothing against him though, but the question in my mind, does he have what it takes.

the poor is not likewise in gma's agenda. she is so busy keeping herself in power, that she has forgotten the more than half of the population that toil in poverty. i even heard that the tro with the implementation of the evat is because of her "influence" to soften the country's reaction against her. she talks about her misjudgement and says sorry. but how would these words affect the lives of the people in the mountains or those in urban areas who have nothing to eat.

where are the poor? they are where they are. in our cities, in our barangays and in our communities. there is hunger in the eye of the filipino that prompts her to go to other countries to work as a housemaid. there is hunger in the hearts of the filipino that enrages his heart to take up arms against the government.

there is injustice and poverty in governance, even in the way we treat our poorer sisters and brothers. the bureaucracy of the government, the apathy of the rich and the powers that be, the utter acceptance of the poor of their situation, the empty voices with no actions of those groups who capitalize on other people, the list goes on of the woes of the country. and what have been busy talking about in the last weeks?

all i am looking for is the true value of the words that are spoken in newspapers, commentaries by those who are hugging the headlines now. eventually, i would really be interested on how would the country, our poor country be better off, with one decision over another.

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