Wednesday, August 31, 2005

blog clot

(borrowed the title from rhea rhaye)

this blog has been sleeping in the last 18 days. am not sure why i have not really sat down and write as there were no shortage of stuff to write about. there was, well work. new discoveries, new people that i've met. there have been beautiful sunsets here in kabacan, in davao and in cagayan that i've promised myself that i would be writing about. there were the wonderful kadayawan and the kagay-an festivals in davao and cdo that were truly very much enjoyable and eventful, but have NOT been able to make it as an entry. there were even reflections that i have gone through, particularly last night when i was travelling from cagayan to bukidnon to cotabato. but can't seem to spit it out.

from the interesting to the boring there was always a subject that is waiting to be written, waiting to be spelled out in words. but somehow, i cannot seem to do it.

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