Wednesday, October 12, 2005

eulogy to a batchmate

a college friend we used to call his name - maniac died of brain cancer last saturday. i was gripped by the news, when i heard it from another classmate. i am no stranger of death, i have lolas who went of old age, a comrade who took his life because of disillusionment with the movement, a classmate in high school who got in a plane too early for it to crash in the waters of the pacific, or one who got into an altercation with another person and was promplty shot, or those dds victims, of which, one i saw shot on the left side of the head while driving his multi-cab.

yet somehow, his death speaks at another level. he was a langky person, we never really got too close. maybe its because he associates with another classmate, who drools over one of my friends, or maybe its because he is the all brain person who can solve math equations with ease but could never explain how he got them. or maybe its because he is just too plain simple and would not be affected by all the taunts that were mercilessly thrown at him.

or maybe because he is a true person, of a character that need not share closeness of space and time. just seeing him around the BA building carrying his back pack, not caring about the stares of the coñitos and coñitas as he passed by is enough to bring me back to reality of life.

thinking about it, he gave the human face to the so called bastion of apathy. he could be considered as one guy, who is not good looking and never tried to look good as the others. he is the normal isko who just wanted to study and get good grades. in fact, i also heard that he tucked two masteral degrees in the states (that, with no working experience). what a way to end a life!

his passing is not really material to me. it can even be trivial. but i take a moment today to remember the person. one who has walked BA with me, one who has shared my cigarette smoke.

to the one who passed my life without my benefit of his friendship, see you on the other side. maybe your collection of dirty magazines would help us get through eternity.

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