Thursday, October 13, 2005

reminiscing @ kanto

one of the reasons i frequent the matina town square is this bar right in the corner. it is a small intimate place far away from the flashy taboan, socialite whistle stop and blu-gre, trying hard impit purok and for the soul in solitude - the park. it is kanto.

i arrived at the scene last night with gauss in the guitars, and empty seats as her audience. i've found my place! so i hunted she she and his friend who were in mts as well and asked them to come by kanto. gauss was one of davao-borne entertainers i met early on. she was pregnant when she was performing more than two years ago, and me and ninin used to say how her kid is going be so musically inclined!

somehow, she weaves magic with the guitar. sure her repertoire is a bit for my titos and titas, mostly of jodi mitchell, some carly simon, and the lady rockers that rocked the world of the hippies. but somehow, the way she croons creates fondness for these singers of long past. i was never really a fan of the period, but i sure am a fan of expression in music.

and just when i thought that last night would be quiet. gauss silently sang a song by jodi mitchell we used to like. the song wasn't great, and i can even imagine sharon cuneta singing it. but it sure brought back good memories of my bros mustache in timog, and how we used to troop there like crazy to just hang around.

enough of the nostalgia.

my phone died last night before i can send a message to her. when paulo finally revived it today, i let her know how i thought of her last night.

glad to feel that she is ok.

while i was bumming a cigarette last night, some definitions caught my fancy:
n 1: the highest part (usually the melody) in a piece of choral music 2: a major division of a long poem

kanto (Filipino)
n: a street corner

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