Saturday, October 29, 2005

here i go again

manila has ceased to be a home as a favorite shirt that has become too small for me to wear. but everytime i make my way to my old city, i still have the jitters and the excitement like a kid on his first day at school.

i am goin to manila to attend mike and ina's wedding. i was in tagum fixing up a road accident in which one of our jeeps in the panaw figured into, when mike called up to spread the news. i was delighted and the news offered a reprieve from the predicament we were in.

that was one and a half months ago.

but nearing today, a nagging thought was eating my insides and telling me how manila can be so stressful. it was like ulcer creeping in my stomach and laughing at my innards.

but i have to go to manila. even if it means being away from davao. even it means not having to be relaxed and eating well. even if it means leaving work and the thought that i would be piling up work until i get back.

and somehow friends and family balance the selfish, nagging thoughts. my mom is cooking up dinner when i arrived. ninin would be picking me up at the airport, not really because she wanted to see me, rather i have her stuff from davao. and i would be seeing caring, james and ay and other tropa who are willing to compare their alcoholic consumption with their old friend.

i am set to go. gerbum has already called a taxi. i just hope i can post this stuff.

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