Monday, October 31, 2005


PAL is not exactly known as an airline company that is faithful to its published flight schedule. as far as i can remember riding their big jets is not exactly a very nice experience for me. considering the amount of time i have to wait everytime (that should be in bold) that their schedule has always late.

but hell, at least it is the biggest leg room among local carriers. their food is not good either but so is cebupac and airphil (i did try air philippines and holy shit, was i just happy i was too tired to care). at least they have that, while cebupac can boast for their in-flight games, and airphil for their, well, nice looking stewardess.

anyways, pal has always been so late that it has earned a new meaning for itself. plane always late. that has been the meaning for its acronym since the longest time. i remember hearing it from friends even before i have had my first domestic flight. so it was not new for me anymore that last saturday's flight would be... as usual late.

i was flying with gerbum, and he just got a ventossa massage. so as we entered the airport, the lack of a crowd hurrying to check in, somehow made us realize that the last flight is going to be late... again. we checked the schedule and confirmed, instead of 1825, it would be leaving davao at an ungodly hour of 1945.


i knew what to do. i need my beer.

we settled at the cheapest and coldest beer at the airport lounge. at php35 a can, i said fair enough and pretty soon i was feeling happier. did the room started to throw back echoes or was it just me?

as i settled at my seat a few minutes before take off, i tried to smile at my reflection on the window, and dozed till touchdown in manila. only waking up briefly to get the airline snacks to save for lyan.

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