Tuesday, October 04, 2005


i've been "resting" past couple of days. by resting i mean, i am in davao... give me credit for at least trying to do some work. anyways, out of the blue, this morning, while eyeing myself in the mirror of our sink, while brushing my teeth, i looked myself in my eye and said: "today, i would do things with passion!"

i have been slacking off the past couple of days, and my body must've missed already that vital character that has shaped my life thus far. passion.

passion to work and play.
passion to think and create.
passion to travel and sleep.
passion to eat and drink.
passion to love.
passion to laugh.
passion to live.

i have been moderate, a little bit afraid to be my own, a little cautious not to commit mistakes.

and those stuff that are little make it all the more shitty in the first place. why can't i be just afraid? or why can't i be just cautious? then maybe i would be able to be my own and not commit as much mistakes i have been getting these days.

it is not so much about fear, or caution. it is not being able to fully present at the emotion that i am in. it is rowing on two streams, of not being sure.

today i am sure. i made it sure this morning.

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