Monday, October 03, 2005

bye bai

i arrived home last saturday in the evening to find that cassandra has relinquished her post to ava as calendar babe. it was a long day, and though i would miss cass, i said hello to ava and went to bed soon as i can. just a few seconds before i slumbered, all of the events in the past 24 hours flashed before me, and before i knew it i was asleep.

a good friend just went off to go back to manila to pursue studies. it sounded like a very adult decision. and yes, it is a very adult decision to go back to manila to gain more expertise through education so that she can purse her passion.

after three years, with the whole of mindanao as our playground, we made our way wherever our feet can carry us, wherever our wallets can finance us and wherever our imagination can blow us away. it was a good three years of knowing ourselves and the land, the city we called our home.

it all comes down to this day.

while having lunch at krua thai, she asked me why i had to take the trip back to davao, when in fact she would be coming back in a few days. i said, "i had to say good-bye while you are still from here, next time you will be from there already..."


then came the food.

at the airport, the sending off was not as dramatic as i thought it would be. but it was strange though saying good bye to her. when she was just minutes away from boarding, she went back outside to see her send-off party (anj, she she, tatit and me). i gave her a tender hug, shoved her with my right elbow, winked and tossed a nod.

somehow we understood each other.

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