Monday, November 07, 2005

amazing race

this blog has not been updated since i was in manila. and today i just got back.

how do i write "buntong hininga"? it was too freaking crazy! in a matter of 3 or so days, i was in 4 cities (manila, davao, cotabato, cagayan de oro) and two municipalities (matanog, maramag). how about that for a full weekend of travelling. i was basically living out of my backpack.

hehehe... living out of my back pack, tq and i used to shout that to refer to our ever changing locations back in our jvp year.


my back is a bit sore, my eyes heavy but i still think that i have not have the slightest feeling of getting tired. sure i would like to have a few more hours of sleep, or a nice massage, or something that would calm the nerves in me. but i would not exchange going around mindanao for that.

travelling through the networks of roads and sceneries makes me wanna blush of how wonderful mindanao is. although, the stories that i have heard these past few days has created a melo dramatic touch to the scenery. all those shaking of heads that i make from people that are too stubborn to see other points of view, or from those smiles that break my sordid face from people that do their best in giving themselves to other people. it was a wonderful weekend after all.

maybe my life would settle down a bit, as we stay in manila for a few days to write up our reports, do presentations for the year end... basically admi stuff.

maybe this stay would be a little respite from the race that is life. actually, that was more of a wish, rather than a statement. for i know that the times i have been in manila, it was all stress and way too much things to do for such a short visit.

i wish this visit would be different. i wish... and wishes are free, that is why i always make them.

when i go to manila, i always try to see the things to look forward to that should make this visit worthwhile. in this case, maybe i have one reason.

at least there is one.

... jerry, you are the next team to arrive!

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