Monday, December 19, 2005

a night that was stolen

my flight to manila is today. 1845 to be exact. but i am still in davao!

i got left behind, albeit not the first time in my life, but definitely the first time by a scheduled flight. i know it was supposed to happen sooner or later. but not the way it happened this afternoon.

in a nutshell:

it rained so freaking hard in davao around 5pm. "still early" i said. i can even leave home by 6p and make it. no worries.

5.30pm, the rain still would not let up, and the proverbial taxi would not turn up. i started getting panicky, the draft of the ciggy is making my brain swim, my body is getting numb, i do not know what to f*cking do! good thing there was sonny to think fast and get chambie to shuttle us to the airport.

6pm, the rain started to soften up. but still no chambie or his white hyundai van in sight. i feel shit lining up inside my intestines. i puffed ciggy harder. but to no avail, i know that would not let the floods die down, nor ease the traffic to our house.

6.30pm, i called up pal and verified that the flight is on schedule. why o why did they have to be on time, when i cannot make it happen on my side? injustice.

6.45pm, the plane left, leaving me and ate maco behind. i started to feel a rush of happinness glowing from inside. it started as a glimmer, then a warm glow that bursted into a smile. before i know it, i was giggling. for somehone who missed his flight, this is not the picture i had in mind.

i had no idea why, until tatit put it quite simply. it could probably because i am staying in davao for another night. had it been in manila, i would have been cursing and kicking and being a stupid brat. but i had to be left behind in the place that i love.

and has loved me back tremendously. as we were making our way back to the city from the airport, cham's radio started playing swept away by christopher cross. i think, apart from usahay, this song would always remind me of davao. from this day forward, it would be my song for davao. oh if only davao is a person.

nakanakaw ako ng isang gabi.

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