Friday, January 06, 2006

new year moment

it has been almost three weeks.

done laundry two times already for my one week worth of clothes i brought to manila. been out most of nights. met friends, got to rub elbows with a few personalities, aquaintances and all that. slept less and less past few days. dunno how much alcohol i've drank.

i should be happy.

but i just feel so tired today. i've been weary since i arrived. i even remember that this is the first new year's eve celebration that i spent quietly. of course there were wine, food, family and all that but. but i remember quietly sipping my drink, looking out of mayon street, sisters and brothers, mom and dad, tita, tito and cousins at my back greeting each other happy new year, as the clock struck midnight.

i remember a quiet moment there when i wished that i am back in davao.

i hope davao is feeling the same way.

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