Thursday, February 09, 2006

weekend attitude

its thursday.

supposedly, its a day or two away before i go home to davao. but no, i might be sticking it up here until next week! what must've been the cause of such a delay?

usually, i would have my lower lip pouting and my eyebrows meeting with the prospect of not being able to come home. i need my rest and davao is rest for me.


things are starting to change. somehow, the tug of being with the people seems to be getting a bigger priority in my days. it has become easier to schedule meetings with the people on saturdays and sundays. and "worse" it has been me who has been doing the scheduling. i was thinking, maybe i can get my rest on any other day. or maybe i could even get in any other place, other than davao.

intimidating, daunting even.

this change in weekend attitude has made me wonder on what is it going to be like in the next few months. i would not even have an answer though why this came about. and i would not even go into my usual maybe's and perhaps'. suffice it to say that things have taken quite a turn recently.

damn, if only i can point my finger on what exactly are those "things."

in the meantime, i get ready for a davao less weekend.

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