Tuesday, January 31, 2006

kwentong barberya

its weird really, entering a barbershop for the first time, what, in like five years.

i surveyed the three barber chairs, one of which seems to be for sale. two barbers barely in their 30s are busy with their clients. the third one is watching a tv show at abs cbn, quite unmindful of the new client that went in.

there was a lolo though, but he is reading a local tabloid, probably waiting for his turn on the other two barbers. so i made a polite aherm and the third barber looked my way. aha a client! he must've said, as i noticed a little smile that formed at the corner of his lips.

i sat down at the barber seat. it felt funny. my fondest memories of barbershop was back in third year high school when me and my cocc mates would troop to me queni in retiro once every two weeks to get our "4-by-5-white-side-walls-flat-top-sir!" the quote should be said out loud to get the full effect.

hehehe those were the days, when most of my allowances would be spent to get that regular sharpening. when i started to grow my hair, five years ago, i have stopped visiting barbershops and frequented parlors for my trims. just so to prevent split ends.

and so i felt the impersonal chair and leaned back and let the kid do his job. i closed my eyes, indifferent to what was going on outside. i just need to get this over and done with. mid way, he had to stop and get a fresh set of blades. sheesh, has it been that long? in a few minutes it was over. i asked how much it cost me. its twenty five pesos.

what the f*ck! it costs five pesos more than regular cut. damn. i gave him a hundred and waited for my change. i would not have wanted to go through this hassle, i mean being back in cdo the second time in three days and taking that night trip later. but o well...

but the two week facial hair has to go.

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