Tuesday, March 07, 2006

all that we let in

i opened my eyes on yet another bed early morning monday. i froze to recollect the things that transpired before i went to sleep last night.

from all the fluids we've drank yesterday and water around us (ac, ag, jj), we felt thirsty. arrgh, after downing more than five bottles of strong ice/san mig light who wouldn't? then the blur of images came back instantly and i woke up finally from the proddings of ac's uncle to wake up the sleeping bodies in the family room of paradise island beach resort in davao.

the blur became clearer and clearer as i reached for the glass of water that the waiter brought to our table. it was supposed to be an intro dive for ac. i arrived around lunch time, with my sling bag wearing my trunks underneath my shorts and a polo shirt and some money. nothing more. i expected it to be a relaxing, slow day.

but after taking a cool dip in the almost "hunas" waters of paradise and downing a bottle, and after the waiter informing us that the last trip out of the resort was 5.00p (he was kind enough to inform us around 4.45p... how thoughtful), the three of us decided to well spend the night there. with little prodding of course from ac, whose family is staying over for the night.

free food and booze, how can ag and jj resist. with the beach and the sunset, the water just right, not too cold, nor too warm, we contemplated on the davao that we know. the davao that has come to be home for many people, but in differing degrees.

some consider davao home because that is where they are. they sleep, eat, drink, study/work in davao. they literally breathe in davao. they get bored in davao, they get a life in davao. they are davaoeñas in the strictest term.

others consider davao home because their roots are still here. although they work in other places where the pay is better, they'd hop into a plane in a heartbeat for some soul feeding. davao is their home because this is where they want to be even if their work takes them far away.

while others consider davao home because davao is rest. from the hustles and bustles of life. even if they spend two days a week at home. they get their refreshment, stretch out their weary bones and muscles and get ready for yet another week.

still others like joey ayala consider davao as their creative spot. when we were chatting loosely after the jvp rocks at 25 concert last saturday, he told me how most of his songs were written in davao.

(other davaoeñas/davaoeños can still put in their two cents worth and add to the list.)

with the sun casting its light in the last few minutes of the day, beer in tow, talking about our friends and acquaintances, learning more about each other. we declared to come home to davao, wherever we are from.

after taking a bath on sunday night (courtesy of ac's soap and shampoo sachets) we laid down on the beach, stared at the sun some more, listened to the waves some more and smelled the salty wind some more and waited for us to fall asleep.

capping off another moment with our beloved home i can't help to think that this would not be forever. and yes together with my waking up monday morning, the moment has already passed. but it was all so real that it has become difficult to separate from the other real that we have to go through on monday.

its tuesday today and i still wish i was still on the beach. but no regrets for i know that i could always go back any time i like. it would only take some company and a few hundreds (mga 200 siguro) to have another shot of paradise.

we look forward to the next visitor / resident to davao, and be happy because we'd be better off for all that we let in.

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