Monday, April 03, 2006

vacation mode

too early? perhaps. but since we've capped off our two day activity yesterday, my body and consciousness have decided not to do work anymore.

four days does not seem to be a long time. but for me, it feels like an eternity. ok, so what stands between me and mindoro-marinduque? how about two meetings with the youth from two areas on wednesday and thursday, a meeting with the boss on friday, and a fiesta tomorrow.

i would have felt excited with the stuff that i need to do for the week. but no, something in me refuse to cooperate. when the sun touched my skin around noon today, i cannot help imagining that i am at the beach. when the wind blew at my face in the tricycle going to the area, i imagine how the wind would blow my hair going across from batangas to mindoro.

i am sure it would be a treat going from island to island, seeing the blue of the ocean. marvelling at wonderous sunrises and sunsets. i can't wait to be surprised by the crooks and crannies of the caves we would be visiting. the many jumps as high as i can that would pull me straight to the deep end of the water. i just can't wait to pack my bag and go.

but probably the best treat of it all would be having good friends along. i haven't been with these guys for the longest time. i must have been very busy already, that i've been spending less and less time in davao. this trip would be "pambawi" of sorts.

more than anything else, it would be laughing with them, sharing the experience of the laag would have been worth all the tripping, and the months of savings. for someone whois coming from davao, the trip would not be cheap.

but hey, whois counting? all the money in the world couldn't buy friendship anyway.

and so it goes. just four more days, then another night in davao and vacation here i come.

can't wait.

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