Wednesday, May 17, 2006

3 years

purchased rambutan seedlings this morning. they are quite tall at around 5 - 6 feet tall already, and quite a bargain at that, selling at php35 a seedling (we bought ten). benjamin, was the brodin who sold us the seedlings from his nursery, said that the rambutans are already 3 years in the making.

its funny how 3 years can be worth. i could say that its cheap at php35. but i can also say that 3 years is also as precious as my thoughts, angst writings, loves, beautiful places that have discovered me. usahay turned 3 this may. months in the life has been ever extending, same as the tropa (most of which are good friends) who've come to share a bit of their time.

i don't know until when i'd be writing. but as far as i'm concerned, i'd be writing till there is some thought left in me. sometimes, i itch when i cannot bring myself to a decent internet connection to write an entry. but i've realized that some entries are better left experienced. and i find consolation that i've come to experience these so called 'moments' because i look forward to writing about it later.

... even if most of them don't get to make it here. i carry them with me.

so there, three years of blog entries. i just hope i can save all of them one time, so i wouldn't loose them.

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