Monday, May 22, 2006

the fuss about the code

upon entering the ncc cinema we were greeted by a long line of people with expectant faces. i don't know, do they hope to be swayed by the movie? what i can infer is just they just want to see what is the fuss of the catholic church about this movie. yes, the way some things were presented can be quite disturbing. but i don't think, faith is swayed by a movie.

faith is a gift. and this gift is nurtured by the person through prayer and community. thus, to believe that a movie can sway the faith is preposterous. if catholic priests and the lay would only live as real persons of god, i don't see why they should be afraid of the questions that might be posted by the faithful. we should even be glad that we are questioning our faith. that means, it is alive and dynamic and well.

the danger i think is when people close themselves of possibilities. i myself was amazed and entertained of the different frameworks that the movie (and the book) presented. i was even intrigued to read more on the subject. to find out more, to be more aware of history. if the church is my lover, i would like to know more about her. to see where she has erred, in respect to where she has been right.

why hide the mistakes of the church? i always say "kasama sa pakyaw." the church cannot and would not be perfect because it is run by imperfect persons. only with the grace of god, can an imperfect institution be able to lead the flock towards peace, hope, faith and love.

and to believe otherwise is to become like the council of shadows who "conspire" to hide the truth. the church as i know it does not strive to hide itself from the horrors it has committed. but she has still been timid to be vocal about it. i do not blame her though.

i suspect the critics and the movie producers are in connivance. the movie was so-so. but with all the hype it has generated, it has been earning big bucks. i just hope those critics are happy that their show only generated more support for the movie. (read: i hate lining up for a movie... in davao)

in the end, i would like to paraphrase what robert langdon in the movie told sophie neveu: all that matters is your belief.

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