Friday, June 09, 2006

you me


these past few days have been a flurry of sorts. when i say it is davao where my life happens, i mean it at every sense. i have been here for the past seven days, and it has been a pendulum of sorts from great to the not so great. not so great, because i've been to the hospital due to a bad case of colitis. great, because i've recently affirmed what davao means to me.

davao not only endears itself because of what it can offer. its beauty would seduce even the most hardened of all travellers. inviting them to stay, for a night, a week, forever. not also because it is a haven of freedom for me as well. i mean, i can be as free as i want to be, even in manila. but have to admit that, i have done so many new stuff in the past four years that may have equalled or surpassed the 25 years of new stuff that i've had in manila.

but maybe, i've considered davao home, is because of the relationships that i've discovered. and the past week exemplified this wonderful aspect of davao. i was never afraid, that i'd be left alone in the hospital with the needles, thermometers in the armpit, bp every hour, michelle and gigi (my nurses, who visits me every so often to change my dextrose) and all. the guys were all there to see me through. even before i came to the hospital, i felt the care that i need to make each and every step possible. i think i would not have made it without them. so thanks to everyone who came over. even those that can't but were equally as concerned in manila, thanks as well.

but most of all to you and to you. even if the cable and aircon were the major come on for you guys to stay. sure am glad to have you around and see me in my pink hospital gown, longer than everyone else.

pronouns can mean nothing if the people behind them are not named. and just before the memory of the food poisoning wears off, i really must let you guys know how lucky am i to be at home with you in davao.

even if male pride gets in the way.

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