Friday, June 02, 2006

gitil-asan ko jud

i will forever remember makilala.

packing up the silhouette artworks of the participants in the young advocates for peace camp, i suddenly felt the need to scratch an itchy part of my back. then it felt like a thousand, no a million other knicks are digging their ugly little teeth in that particular spot.

i was short of rolling on the floor. i wish i was laughing, but for the love of me i was in anguish. it was not painful, nor it felt hot. but it was a feeling of being run down by a certain kind of itch that was magnanimous compared to a mosquito bite.

good thing people know about antropsophy and got a handful of salt and applied liberally. damn. that was when i knew that a til-as just got in my shirt, decided to creep into my shoulder and release its innocent menace.

but it was more than that itch why i will never forget makilala.

another reason would be the kids who attended the camp. they were a chop suey of mindanao. cultures and ideology and behaviours of 39 young persons converged in forming a "plan" for themselves, that is achievable in the short to long term. the presence of this fire within them somehow created an effect when some top honchos in government and in funding agencies came to witness their plans transformed into proposals.

a plan for mindanao. not grandstanding as the words coming out from the politicians. but concrete and doable plans that could and should create a ripple of effects.

if only for that, i am already glad to have helped in facilitating this event.

... was the professional itch, that was scratched.

however, there is a personal itch that has been left by makilala. an itch, that i may have forgotten how to scratch.

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