Saturday, July 15, 2006

davao mornings

i woke up, albeit groggily at 4am this morning. athan was calling me up and telling me to be ready to meet up at the office by 5am. ungodly hour and my bed is warm, not a light from outside, i promised myself 5 more minutes.

i am bringing kids from carmen to the airport. i am their yayo since yesterday, dragging them from kabacan, feeding them at the office and talking and joking around with them and listening to them make jokes about nano. nano, not eating vegetables; nano, not eating beef; nano, not drinking coffee; nano, eating only chicken and fish. and from all of these, nano, who is the ever good natured guy only makes us laugh more with his crazier hirits.

back to my waking hour. i dragged myself, brushed my teeth, washed my face, changed clothes, put on my new trainers and made my way outside. cautiously balancing from one side of the canal that pass along the side of our apartments.

the moon is still up. the day is still sleeping.

finally left the office, after chambie came at half past five. davao is waking up. passed by matina, nope, no morning rush today. no frenzied and quick feet, all primed for another workday. just the street sweeper going about her daily task of keeping the city maintain its stature as one of the most livable city in the country.

after sandawa, the sight of the davao river made me jump on my seat, hoping, imagining to catch a glimpse of the delta as it pours out into the davao gulf. i know i would not see it, but i was not disappointed for looking east. the sun is bursting its regale as we passed by the bankerohan bridge. the yellow bidlisiw swallowing the white clouds of the morning.

the airport is still the airport.

heading back to town, passing by the diversion road, apo allows a majestic peek from our city. talomo, while standing guard looks like a sentry with crossed arms, bathing in the warm morning sun. a smile made its way across my unshaven face. it was as if saying: i'd gladly wake up tomorrow, no matter how early again, just for a glimpse of this.

i feel sleepy while the city slowly wakes.

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