Wednesday, August 02, 2006

mtv gen

MTV is 25 years old yesterday.

although, i am not the boob tube addict as i was in manila. i still can and would still relate to its great impact, not only in my life but in the life of people all around the world.

it was in the 80s when the fascination for music videos grabbed my viewing habit. i used to come home early from school to catch music videos in rpn channel 9 then. there is also casey kasem's america's top 10 videos on sunday afternoons. its fun watching singers come alive. seeing them gives a face to their voices and to their music.

michael jackson's bad, madonna's like a virgin and vogue, tears for fears' sowing the seeds of love, van halen's jump. these were my earliest favorite videos. the fast paced videos with overacting singers/actors became the standard by which most of my classmates behaved. we were able to dance like michael jackson, and have free soft porn as madonna gyrated on tv. though we were pre-teen then, we became teen agers almost overnight. over-ager to taste the freedom of love and life. anticipating the vast world to be discovered out there.

when mtv debuted in asia in channel 23, late nights became more interesting as the best and the worst of media and advertising introduced itself to pinoys. the violent and sex-heavy cartoons made its mark in the minds of the young pinoys. for us to be called pinoys, we watch those cartoons and discuss it the next day. you are not "in" if you haven't watched the latest video of g'n'fn'r (guns and fucking roses). our epitomy of coolness is slash playing his guitar which is not even plugged into the amp. we were fools then.

then came pinoy videos. first it was the love songs, jose mari chan... augggh. then the dawn revolutionized it altogether with iisang bangka tayo. pinoy music videos, though very trying hard at that time was also a nice thing to look forward to. it makes a lot of difference to hear the likes of jet pangan then, ely buendia in the 90s and the host of pinoy bands in mtv pilipinas blaring their hearts out on tv.

25 years from that first mtv broadcast in virginia. mtv has honed this generation. it has given direction (whether it be right or wrong, i cannot say ) but it has definitely shaped the young to what we are today. fast paced, dynamic, always changing and, as mtv would have said it: "forever young!"

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