Wednesday, September 06, 2006

lemme hear some of that bizrock!

cebu was great!

primarily it was a weekend when we met our friends in cebu. satisfying grasa's thirst for a jvp reunion, meeting up with ross in minglanilla, going around town with jayneil, george and dana and borge. gimiks with diser in THE barbeque place in cebu, chilling in the rooftop of this real cool place near marco polo cebu (its not yet officially open, but they're already serving beer -- yeah!).

then it was catching up on lost sleep.

and of course, a night out with reggae revolution in kuskus cafe, gorordo avenue. jayneil's warnings, that kuskus is a haven for prostitutes did not prevent the souls of the vacationeers to make their way to the bar. at around 10pm, the place was packed already with boys and girls in dreadlocks. smelly as they are, 2 bottles of beer helped overcome the smell of unwashed hair and sweaty bodies.

the music seems to have a life of its own, that infused everyone. people were dancing in their own silly steps, with eyes closed. some were audacious and wild as they kept in step with ska, others, well like us, were mildly moving and swaying to the more preferred rasta beats of covers from bob marley and other reggaton artists. there were also originals, bizrocks that the budding artists performed (gitukar), much to the the crowd's delight.

reggae has a soothing effect on me. and hearing it from one of our own, makes it all the more endearing. i remember popong in mts, blend it with the young breed of musicians in that small venue, i hope this movement will continue and reach the shores of davao and the hearts of davaoeƱos.

ruby thursday sent me two bisrock samples already, thanks mehn. "this is pretty good!" i said to myself as i listened to both tracks, in the same way i said to ava when we were at kuskus.

the merrymaking of that saturday night in cebu was cut short around 2a when we had to make our way back to la florentina. damn, we have an early morning flight back home. but not so damned because we know we never missed a bit at that time, rocking with bisdaks.

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