Monday, September 11, 2006

movie weekend

movies have a way of calming me down, at the same time, it has a way of opening up my thoughts on life. how it is, and how it should be.

i've had a good dosage of two movies this weekend, that i think somehow would help me make it through the week.

1. RENT - finally it has shown in davao. and finally, i have watched the musical (albeit in movie format) that have long since been a favorite of mine. i was singing softly to ava's ear, for fear of disturbing the other 6 or eight people inside the gaisano mall, last full show. it was nice, i really love the way it has been done. no day but today!

2. SARUNG BANGGI - art films top my list of favorite movies. this one is another line that would be added to my growing list. it is nice, well made and lets me think. i like the way, it has provoked my mind into thinking of the possibilities that can exist in one night. lahat ng tao ay may kwento. ikaw, ano ang kwento mo?

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