Wednesday, September 13, 2006

of weddings and the peace agreement

she she tied the knot last friday. had a chance to talk and kid with the guy. i blurted my often used line:

"pare akin na ang susi sa kotse mo. full tank ko na. paandarin ko na. anytime magbago isip mo, senyasan mo lang ako, sibat tayo. no questions asked. di na tayo makikita dito."

i used the same line with omar, with similar results. she she calmly said.

pare, eto ang kailangan kong gawin. at masaya na ko dito.

the last sentence was a new addition from the first one, that we have often heard. after the ceremony, i can see how happy he and myra are. weddings have a way of making people happy. it even has a way of infecting the people with happiness attending the wedding. thanks to red wine of course.

but as fr. millar was officiating the wedding rites, a thought came into my mind.

i whispered to my co-abay, monsalas.

pare, ang wedding pala ay parang grp-milf peace agreement.

all the hardwork comes after all have been signed.

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