Monday, October 16, 2006

brownie afternoons

i have to postpone my entry on to write about something that i am really passionate about. aside from photography, travel and sleep, my passion also lingers on food.

i ate lunch today at mandarin. joy and i were the only assisi-ians in the office. all of them seems to be so busy, doing stuff. joy went ahead to buy lunch, leaving me to fend for myself. so i made my way to ncc mall and found myself ordering my favoritest meal - beef wanton noodles. i have it most of the time. i only have scallops rice toppings or tausi spare ribs rice toppings in times i crave for variety.

it was a so-so lunch. but i wanted it to be a celebration in itself. so i let my feet direct me to a good dessert place. i thought i would have fudge brownies from jollibee but i steered towards red ribbon and asked if they've brownies. they don't.

instead they pointed me to this local stall, fudge factory. hmm the name sounds promising. and it was all good! the brownies were glorious. it was good to the last bite. it has a soft texture that mixes well inside the mouth. letting me dream my illusions with sweetness of a thousand kisses. i closed my eyes everytime i took a bite, savoring the moment of having a treat for dessert.

in one of those moments, i remembered december afternoons, when mom, omar, janet, melo and i would be measuring and sifting flour with sugar. choosing good peanuts, melting chocolates, and mixing the ingredients in a baking bowl. my mom introduced baking even without the oven to her brood. we had a turbo broiler that seemed ok for brownies so we were contented.

when mom announced that there would be brownies, all of us took heed and got ready. washed our hands and take out the ingredients and the recipe from the recipe box. when all the preparations were done. we would quietly watch the brownie cook from the glass turbo broiler. waiting in anticipation for another treat that we made for ourselves.

aha, that's why i so love brownies.

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