Friday, October 13, 2006


luck is how you look at it. i have never been particularly unlucky. but i think i am particularly lucky. this is something that i have been thankful for all my life. for luck to be always at my side, constantly cheering me on to continue the play with life.

i think i have been lucky most of my life. with my family, with my decisions and with the life i am leading. though life is not that good all the time. most of the time, things still bring me down, or i am stressed or burned out. but see, i cannot seem to see me unlucky on those occassions. maybe its in the way i see things. that even those stuff that can be considered unlucky are the not as "bring me downers" as they are to other people when looked in my point of view. in my book there is such a thing as lucky, but its opposite is not unlucky. it is like lucky manzano, a matter of fact.

this entry sounds that it still needs a lot of work. oh, how i wish i can write philosophically too. like murakami. someday.

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